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ECU Remap and Chip Tuning Methods and Training

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There are three ways of carrying out an ECU remap: via OBD (Onboard Diagnostics); bench programming using a specialist tool with ECU removed from the vehicle; and EPROM chip removal.


This is now the most common form of carrying out an ECU remap. The OBD port is located within one metre of the driver’s seat and allows for reading and writing of the Engine Control Unit.

Using a tuning tool such as KessV2, the original ECU calibration is read out by the dealer before being uploaded to the Files Team. Once the file has been modified and sent back, it is then programmed back into the ECU. Some OBD remaps require certain procedures for the file to be successfully programmed (such as switching the ignition on/off or ensuring that the seatbelts are connected) and it is always wise to ensure that the vehicle has a healthy battery.


Some ECUs are not safe to modify via OBD, so will need to be removed from the vehicle and physically connected to a specialist programming tool such as Alientech’s K-TAG. These conversions generally take a little longer than OBD tuning as some ECUs can be awkward to remove. However it is advisable to invest in a bench programmer as it means you will be able to cover most eventualities.


Having to actually remove the EPROM/EEPROM from an ECU in order to modify it is rare these days, but is still necessary on some older cars. It requires practice in carefully de-soldering the chip, reading and reprogramming it, and re-soldering to the PCB.


MET file system is an automated file processing system which analyses youroriginal ECU read and returns a list of the available modified file options such as DPF, EGR, NSL. Simply select the parameters you require,and your file will be ready to download in minutes, ready to write to the vehicle

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